Reminiscing about childhood brought an interesting project to our attention. During the Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, Canadian design collective Daily Tous Les Jours created this impressive swing installation which consists of a series of illuminated seats that create music as participants of the festival decide to try them out. According to Colossal, the entire installation will soon be on tour and you can bring The Swings into your own city, with a little help from the project developers.

This playful installation pays tribute to interaction, allowing users to connect in a highly original manner: “The Swings allow participants to make music with their entire bodies, to connect to one another and to have a sense of ownership of public space due to the music they create. The result is a giant collective instrument that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds. The project offers a new experience in collective music making, available to enliven urban spaces, festivals, special events, and more”.  We love the concept behind this unusual swing and hope to see more similar projects in the future. Be sure to have a look at the video we’ve uploaded at the end of the post and get an idea of how it feels to be around this installation!