Coping with the pollution and busy life of Shanghai, China, architecture studio Taranta Creations developed a fresh apartment design. This modern residential project is located in the center of Shanghai in a famous well-known Street, called “Huaihai road”. The main concept was to create a bright and modern urban retreat, a place to help the owners rebalance after spending the day outside in the traffic of China. The main color employed for the 100 square meter home was white, for a sense of purity and freshness. Light grey and pastel orange were used as complementary hues.

In the entrance area, the designer opted for some wavy 3D Boards, which give the white wall a special texture. White curtains along the walls of the living room and master bedroom offer a sense of bright softness. High tropical plants act as an open invite to relaxation, while mirrors help make the interior larger and emphasize the whiteness through reflection. In every room there is an eye catcher: in the living room you will find an eco fireplace integrated in a wall-cabinet. The orange color gives an interesting sunlight effect, as the sun can no longer be seen in Shanghai from all the pollution. Accessories and art paintings make the space cosmopolitan and chic. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Taranta Creations]