The Batea Outdoor Grill is one of the two first objects of MateriaLitica‘s foundational series entitled “Fuegos Concretos” (Concrete Fire). “Batea” is the result of an innovative work with reinforced concrete made of marble. This reinforced concrete allows, at the very end of the process, the final polishing of the pieces, obtaining as a result different textures and finishes that exalt even more the enormous plastic possibilities of the material. As you can probably observe in the photos below, Batea is a barrel type grill. It has a 3.2 mm iron overlay fire crate placed over a reinforced concrete base with a front opening. The whole structure is placed over four red quebracho tree legs.

Here is an inspirational statement from the project developers: “We try to accomplish products that can really be out in the open without the need of major care. Our objective is that both the passage of time and an out in the open environment can nourish the product’s esthetics. From this point of view the robustness and the use of iron in very thick levels are understood. Iron which we rust in a handcraft manner with different sulfates to achieve, in every iron sheet, a unique and particular stained finish. The process ends with three polyurethane lacquer hands. We believe that in the Plata River, design still has a lot of things to say about the elements we consider deeply our own, from our culture, such as the world of grills, barbecues and burners”. How would you comment on the appearance of this modern grill? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by MateriaLítica]