Overlooking expansive views of the massive Andes and the awe-inspiring valley of Santiago, this House in Vitacura, Chile, send shivers down your spine. Massive in scale and showcasing a fascinating focal point rounded to shape the interior courtyard, the hillside family home gathers panoramic views of the surroundings with every chance it gets. Spreading over 983 square meters, the brainchild of Izquierdo Lehmann architects flaunts an inspiring sequence of spaces imagined for relaxation when not socially entertaining.

Photographed by Roland Halbe, the 2,000 square meter property is large enough to shelter the older couple and their large family when they visit. The living space, dining room, kitchen and bedroom were all placed on one floor, while the game room and indoor pool open up to stunning views of the city in the valley below. The outdoor pool and lounge area was built within a circular patio that transcends our knowledge and concept of a modern dream home. Showcasing the natural and man-made spectacle unraveling before their eyes, this unusual family residence rests on a reinforced concrete base. This rooftop level communicates to the pool area via stairs descending in this partly covered patio that shapes the background for your next dream.

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