Fancy in its essence, this modern Australian private residence displays a contemporary appeal defined by lines and materials and enhanced by the choice of colors, furniture and furnishings. You wouldn’t guess it from the facade, but a world of serenity and comfort hides from prying eyes. Named the Elwood Residence, it is a result of the collaboration between Robson Rak Architects and Made by Cohen.

The dark volumetric addition in the back of the house hints towards a modern layout and increased functionality, while the bright and open interiors flooded with light helps you relax when you look closely. Just imagine how it must feel for the owners living here, inside their dreamed and then customized heaven! Dotted with color throughout, the fabulous private residence occupies a lot in Melbourne, Australia. Completely redesigned by a talented team, the Elwood Residence was photographed by Shannon McGrath to showcase its cheery atmosphere and space functionality.

I’m sure you already found your favorite space looking through the photos. We would love to know which one is it: the sun-kissed window seat? The perfectly hidden kitchen? Or maybe the illusion-like library?