Vance Lane Residence in West Austin, Texas is the result of a collaboration between Chioco Design and Miars Construction, According to the architects, its design consists of interlocking linear, rectangular forms using local gray Leuders limestone, white integral color stucco, Douglas Fir siding, steel and glass. The composition, relative to the gently sloping site, creates opportunities to experience outdoor living spaces that are  direct extensions of the interior rooms. Home to a family of four, this dwelling inspires healthy contemporary living.

As you step inside, you are instantly greeted by a welcoming atmosphere. The interior has an edited palette of materials including walnut floor, vertical grain white oak paneling and cabinetry, limestone tiles and steel. This mix creates a homy and casual feel, one that feels perfectly in tune with the activities of a growing family. An open plan living and dining space seemingly orbiting around a large bookcase contributes to the overall harmonious design approach. [Photography by Casey Dunn Photography]