The new advertising agency office design for Wieden+Kennedy New York takes the “playground” tone down a notch only to focus on work-related necessities without forgetting aesthetics. Well known for their work with Nike, Wieden+Kennedy New York’s offices were recently updated to suit their employees’ and company’s needs. The agency’s new 50,000 square feet New York offices flaunt a rounded walnut-clad staircase connecting two of the three floors.

This surprising design element has a double function, easing the access while providing an informal meeting space. Imagined by WORKac as a flexible collection of spaces that can be used for different reasons, groups or schedules, this inspiring space gathers everyone together in an effort to socialize, communicate different perspectives or take part in general office announcements.

With a line of work based on collaboration, the modern offices design in Lower Manhattan encompasses open plan offices and meeting rooms, lounge spaces, a  bamboo-clad library den, and the 7th Floor white-tiled bar where work days can easily end in office celebrations. “Teams can choose to hold quick reviews standing up at 10 foot long “Over-The-Counter” blackened steel tables; have informal discussions in lounges with comfortable furniture and natural wood floors, raised to different levels to create a sense of privacy; or gather in the kitchens for working lunches.

More traditional meetings can be held in conference rooms that range in scale from smaller, intimate “Phonebooths,” to “Picnic-Table” meeting rooms that accommodate up to 10 people to larger, formal “Wide-n-Long” conference rooms. Glass walls create a sense of lightness and transparency in the space. Clusters of these different meeting spaces are organized around groups of 20-25 people in open offices, featuring polished concrete floors.” This refreshing approach to work spaces in a society still focused on “playful” and “creative” work offices keeps a respectful distance between work and play.

Do you prefer working in a space where playfulness is closely linked to creativity or you’d rather focus more on collaboration and simplicity?