MIKA 350 is a pendant lamp inspired by the “Pallozas”, the houses of the ancient Celtic forts that were built in Galicia from 6th century BC. A\STUDIO chose granite and wood as main materials for this project, being representative in the Galician architectural tradition. This pendant lamp is an exercise of contrasts, combining the classic and the modern, the domestic and the industrial. MIKA 350 is a new interpretation of the classic industrial lamp; it all about balance, distance and proportion.

According to the designer, MIKA 350 is a unique product, treated with professionalism and care throughout the production process. A synthesis of skilled competence and attention to detail brought out by experienced and dedicated craftspeople. There are four types of wood employed in the development of the lamp: “Silvestre” oak, chestnut, sucupira and afzelia. We’ve also uploaded an impressive video of the production stage (at the end of the post), which we believe you will find inspiring. It will give you an idea of how much effort and skill was put into the design, so enjoy and let us know your thoughts!  [Photos and information provided via e-mail by A\STUDIO]


MIKA 350 from A\STUDIO on Vimeo.