Once a candle factory, this 20th century building on Erne Street in Dublin was chosen by Irish live communication agency VERVE as their new office space. And what an office space it is! Adorned with a vintage 1973 Citroen DS that acts as a compact meeting room for four, this office space cannot pass unobserved, cannot function without admiration. Photos taken by Donal Murphy show us the extensive use of creativity throughout: from the “We are live” motto sign brightly hanging on the curved staircase wall, right over the reception area to the graffiti wall spicing up the offices, every element was carefully chosen to enhance the brand’s recognition and elevate the overall creativity level.

A cut-out tree in the middle of the reception area invites guests to take a seat on the blue sofa and imagine working here, in this creativity-stricken space. Encouraging creativity and collaboration via the amazing details, this working space fills up the gap when employees find themselves in a creativity stump.

Upstairs, the glass boardroom was accentuated by a collection of colorful stripes that support a “Live and Plugged In” sign. Two and a half years were necessary for the team to find the perfect spot for their new headquarters, but now this former candle factory-turned contemporary art gallery in the 90s is a bright and cheery working environment looking on to the future while showcasing an inspiring and creative office space design.