Russia-based designer Ekaterina Vagurina sent us photos of a visually striking furniture duo she envisioned using fiber-cement and wood. Dobrobox (the next six photos of this post) is an original cutlery box. Its top wooden cover can be slid horizontally to reveal four slots for different types of a cutlery: spoon, knife, fork and small spoon. Carved out in concrete, these slots make for an interesting dining experience.

Dobrostol is a multifunctional tray table that can be used for eating in bed or as a work table, easy to place anywhere inside the house. Dobrostol also comes with a removable tray-box under the top of the table where the user can use to hide empty or dirty plates. One can even use this unconventional looking design for working & eating sessions, as the unit provides plenty of space for cups, plates and various gadgets.  Have a look at the photos and tell us what you think! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Ekaterina Vagurina]