You might dream of attending one of the best schools of architecture in the UK. If so, this list released by The Guardian will put some order in your choices. Cambridge University occupies the first place in the Guardian’s annual rankings among the best architecture schools in the UK. With a solid academic reputation going back some 800 years, University of Cambridge propelled into the first place this year as the top architecture school in the UK. Meanwhile, UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture dropped to the second spot after spending three years on top. The third spot was saved for University of Bath and from here on, the rankings list names like Cardiff, Queen’s University Belfast, Northumbria or Sheffield.

UK Top 10 Schools of Architecture 2015 :

  1. Cambridge
  2. UCL
  3. Bath
  4. Cardiff
  5. Queen’s University Belfast
  6. Northumbria
  7. Sheffield
  8. Manchester School of Architecture
  9. Newcastle
  10. Edinburgh

Gathering factors such as student survey results, student-to-staff ratio or employment opportunities after graduation, the rankings list 46 schools in the top. In this spirit, the Department of Architecture at Cambridge University has seen glory days and it’s time to shine again. Fresh-out-of-school architecture professionals will be thankful for joining one of the best architecture schools in the UK when they themselves will be celebrated for results in the field. There is more to know on The Guardian’s page, so visit them for a detailed analysis of UK 2015 Top 10 Schools of Architecture here.

We’d love to know: which one would you choose?