Located in a neighborhood in the South Zone, a province in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa ST56 by Epstein Arquitectos is the embodiment of its owners’ contemporary living dream. Two visually distinct volumes are merged into one, creating an exterior facade that surprises no matter what the standpoint. From the street level, the house appears relatively sober, while the opposite side is much more inviting, as it opens up towards a swimming pool and a garden beyond. Modern exterior finishes such as concrete, wood and stone build an original modern personality.

The focal area of the entire project is an open plan living and dining space which extends outdoors, with the swimming pool and lounge area. This outdoor entertaining space has a vibe of its own, inspiring a perpetual holiday feel. It is especially here that the architects played with geometrical shapes and patterns, creating a unique social zone. Seven vertical steel pillars artistically frame another smaller swimming pool, cleverly envisioned as an intimate relaxation spot. See any other details you find appealing?