Building Middle Harbour House overlooking Sydney Harbour was considered a privilege not to be undertaken lightly by the creative minds at Richard Cole Architecture. According to their statement, this modern dwelling strives to encourage the everyday experiences of a family and contributes to the rich context of the populated slopes that extend into the waterway: “A sculptural response to an exposed corner site overlooking Middle Harbour builds on the materiality of the existing sandstone base to create a dramatic and layered form. By careful manipulation of openings the substantial house achieves a balance of privacy and outlook, light and shelter, texture and warmth. ”

A mix of materials and textures give the residence a distinct personality, one that inspires both elegance and familiarity: “The warm, substantial character of the dwelling is carefully composed by means of the clarity of detailing, a palette of tactile natural materials and the careful manipulation of light. The building aspires to beauty, substance and place making in order to provide a vessel in which a family can grow”, further explained the architects. We dare you to discover the welcoming interior this project has to offer and let us in on your opinions! [Photography by Simon Wood]