Creating a successful newspaper ad is no easy task. Since the majority of the print is in stark black and white, all of the content seems to blend together. It takes an extremely creative approach to get one product to stand out from all the rest. But Columbian creative director, Felipe Salazar, made it happen in this unusual ad for Corona Kitchen.

Rather than trying to draw consumers in with slogans and images, Salazar decided to play with the shape of the ad itself by creating an optical illusion. With just a glance, readers will see that something about this ad is outside of the ordinary. Diagonal lines skew the text amid the otherwise rigidly-columned page. However, it requires a closer look to really understand what’s going on.

Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Salazar purposefully arranged the typography of the ad to create a 3D kitchen. The print clearly forms upper and lower cabinetry, a stove with accompanying cooking hood, and built-in dishwasher. Unsurprisingly, this clever concept was wildly successful. Corona Kitchen is currently enjoying the influx of business that Salazar had hoped for.

What do you think of this ad? Would it inspire you to go to Corona Kitchen for your remodeling needs? Or, is it just something fun to look at while reading your paper in the morning?