Located in Menlo Park, California, the boldly colored Cloud Street Residence impresses with its modern aesthetic and makes you wonder how it looks on the inside. The 50’x100’ lot was adorned with a new construction resting on the existing 900 sqf foundation that used to be a cottage. Adding another 500 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor space proved to be a budget-saving solution as much as a space enlarging one. Bringing in daylight through a multitude of architectural solutions customized for this compact structure, architects from Ana Williamson Architect imagined this residence as a comfy, bright and open 1465 sqf home.

Vaulted ceilings were designed to allow the use of clerestory windows, drawing in natural light, passively warming up the house during winter and keeping it ventilated throughout summer. “The new floor plan is organized along a vaulted central spine separating public and private zones. Large glazed bi-fold doors open the dining room to the patio, creating a courtyard. By maximizing the connection to the yards and creating accessible outdoor rooms, the entire site becomes integral to the everyday life of the homeowners and their young children.

Employing sustainable solutions both indoors and outside, architects and clients collaborated to shape a durable, flexible and inspiring living environment: “The peaked brise soleil and front and rear decks are constructed with acetylated wood. This material minimizes water absorption, making it extremely durable and more dimensionally stable. The kitchen cabinets are faced with a high performance fiber composite veneer developed to be a timber free alternative. Both of these are relatively new products to the sustainable market.” Do you find this compact home as delightful as we do? Share your impressions in the comment below.