Dutch design studio Ontwerpduo caught our attention with a wonderful display of creativity concentrated in a versatile cage chair. Their Cageling hanging chair provokes your perspective on bird cages while offering a comfy place to rest. “A birdcage large as life in which you can swing freely: dreaming away in your own space, without being isolated from your surroundings. Not captured, yet safe – and as free as a bird possibly can be.” Pretty cages are those we build ourselves. From inside the cage, you can safely watch the world fly by … while swinging back and forth. So moving doesn’t necessarily mean progress. But then again, the concept doesn’t stand in the way of you thinking about this while hanging in a cage chair on the porch. Daydreaming goes even deeper if you sit comfortably in the garden, suspended by a tree branch, birds chirping away…

Everybody’s a bird, locked up in a pretty cage. Sometimes you fly to a slightly bigger one, but you never quite have the courage to abandon captivity completely.

— Dave McKean, Cages

They can make the cage chair in any color you wish, so the dream remains intact. The photographs captured by Lisa Klappe beamed me into a fairytale world created by Ontwerpduo. Ah, they have the most creative minds! You surely remember the Marbelous Dining Table which entices you to play while dining, be a child again, just like the swinging motion of this modern cage chair. Weatherproof coating adds a versatility plus – the Cageling looks and feels good both indoor and outdoor. I can just imagine it adorning my bedroom, hanging in my corner bow window. Can you picture a room in your home that would look amazing if the Cageling was suspended there?