Visualized by Igor Sirotov, House S displays an elegant modern interior and stands for a 230 sq.m. (2,475 sq.ft) apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The project will be delivered to a young family who craves for a cozy and contemporary retreat. Despite a minimalist design approach, the place looks vivid and welcoming. This is due to the generous array of colors, materials and textures, with no compromises in style or functionality.

The duplex apartment is centered around a living and dining space and further reveals two bedrooms (on the second level), two wardrobes and a charming fireplace area for relaxation. An elegant black staircase links the two floors together and has an important aesthetic role: that of creating bold contrasts, no matter where you look inside the modern crib. An accent wall in concrete finish adds up to the impressive variety of textures and to the overall chromatic “symphony”. [Renderings courtesy of Igor Sirotov Architect]