North of Stuttgart, overlooking the city from an impressive perspective, the modern Vista House offers views from three levels. Reached via a southern access road leading to the garage, this dream home belongs to an art loving couple. Alexander Brenner Architekten made sure the plot would offer the best living solutions for its owners, starting with the existing challenges and working their way up to the sleeping area on the third floor. They explain how the house can offer magnificent city views thanks to the placement of the garage: “While the garage, situated below the garden, is visible only through a wood-clad incision in the existing sandstone wall, the arriving is guided onto the property by a black concrete sculpture, a freely deformed polished wall. A gently curved path leads via the east side to the entrance at the rear of the plot.”

Protected from prying eyes to the east and north, the immaculate play of volumes opens the interiors to sunlight via floor-to-ceiling and multi-storey glazing. Its angular shape – photographed by Zooey Braun – directs the interiors towards the views while creating a sheltered courtyard showcasing the garden and pool. Displaying a highly modern, angular design, the house named after its most prominent feature was imagined both as a residence and a homey art gallery. Living spaces were extended on two floors, allowing owners to proudly display their art collections. The lower level is more vibrantly colored and includes a library, workplace, piano and fireplace, while the next level was kept white as a neutral background for art. Deep dark bog oak floorboards lay at your feet while you admire artistic perspectives and also connects the rest of the spaces with the main living room. A virtual tour through the residence will leave you inspired, so enjoy!