A fruitful collaboration between Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects and Caroline Di Costa led to the development of Casa 31_4 Room House, a complex residential project. According to the description provided by the architects, all spaces contain elements of the past, often manifested as objects of intrigue: the sloping floor, the barge scrolls on the front fence, the roof tiles, the chimney as water collector and the up-cycling of former building elements such as decks, gates, architraves and furniture. The front deck engaging with the street reintroduces the role and value of the front garden as meeting place, a lost tradition in a modern society where privacy and security are key factors to consider when building a home.

This contemporary residence bursts with personality and constantly inspires family interaction: “The design enables our children and us to grow and evolve in a sequence of spaces that encourage engagement with each other and the dwelling and offers new ways of understanding and exploring family relationships and an understanding of space. Our house is simultaneous a memorial, playground, place of celebration, stage set, place of community interaction and most importantly, a home.” [Photography: Peter Bennetts]