Pump House is a self sustainable weekend retreat located within the rural area of Victoria, Australia. The dwelling designed by Branch Studio Architects was originally intended to serve as a storage space for the clients’ water pump and other essential equipment needed to maintain their farmland property. Since they began to spend a significant amount of time here, the original plan of having a place where to drink a cup of tea while spending quality time admiring the picturesque views before going for a horse ride, evolved into a complex ambition. Using a limited budget though, the BSA team (Branch Studio Architects) reimagined the property, transforming it into a bright and welcoming retreat. With front and rear walls entirely glazed, the house is an exceptional living space that fully opens to the surroundings.

“The Pump House is a celebration of the ordinary. Uncompromising in it’s simplicity, there is a rigid adherence to some very modest but key ideas about doing away with the unnecessary. Agricultural materials (Colorbond iron, low-grade plywood & rough sawn timber) are put together with carefully considered old-fashioned craftsmanship (custom made on-site windows, doors & joinery) to create something much more than the sum of their parts.” Interior is soft and warm. It contrasts with the rigid, shell-like exterior and invites you to forget about the everyday problems. Lay back and just soothe your overworked mind. The overall design is simple. In fact, pretty much everything about this project inspires simplicity, encouraging a tranquil lifestyle.