Designed by Artifox, Desk 01 is a clever solution for your office, a modern hardwood desk that substantially eases your workflow throughout the day. Sleek yet practical, Desk 01 is a piece of furniture fully crafted by hand. It features everything one needs to increase office productivity in the 21st century. In my opinion, one of the major problems nowadays is that furniture producers and designers tend to forget that design is not only aesthetics, but also cleverness. Design is supposed to be functional, therefore the fact that it looks great does not imply that only detailing is what matters most. The way it makes you feel, moreover, if it is comfortable and functional it must be exactly what you need. Especially when we’re talking about desks. Aesthetics, in this particular case, is just an add-on.

We live in a world that requires ingeniously modern solutions. Artifox understood it and came with the brilliant idea of designing “an ultimate desk” that integrates a dock for holding and charging your phone/tablet, has cut outs which allow you to manage with ease cables and wires without entangling and entwining them, features special hooks to store bags and headphones and last, but not least, a very cool glossy surface on the right side, perfect for writing down ideas. “The surface is solid wood with a writable / erasable panel; cables are managed out of sight, while tech devices such as tablets and mobile phones dock seamlessly within the desk surface. Our integrated groove allows chargers to pass through freely, while naturally creating a grommet for built-in erasers. Eliminating the need for superfluous equipment, this design provides space and encourages efficiency.” Forget about the chaos, forget about mess. Desk 01 is the right desk for anybody who wants to boost productivity and better manage work-related tasks.