Arborwall combines traditional solid log construction with state-of-the-art precision manufacturing methods to produce homes that are solid, sustainable and exceptionally energy efficient. These homes retain all of the benefits of log construction but have a surprising new look and design versatility that can appeal to modern, contemporary or classic tastes. Continuous Insulation is considered to be a best practice in residential construction. Because Arborwall homes are constructed with mass cedar walls, traditional structural framing is not needed.  This allows insulation to be applied directly to the mass wall without breaks, resulting in a significant reduction in heat loss and air infiltration, as well as a significant increase in R-value per inch.

The company produces complete custom material packages (or “kits”) that are delivered worldwide. These packages include everything needed to construct the home above the foundation and make it weather tight.  A true continuous insulated wall is the only way to eliminate thermal bridging in exterior walls. Each and every Arborwall home is custom-designed and manufactured to fit the personal tastes and style of the homeowner.

Arborwall homes are produced using a proprietary building system that has been developed and refined over 40 years in the log construction industry.: “Once the home’s design is finalized by our in-house design team, the design file is transferred to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for custom milling. Each cedar timber is pre-cut, drilled, labeled and bar-coded by our computerized system, and then sequentially stacked for delivery. What that means is, once the kit arrives on site, the home goes together quickly and efficiently like a tight-fitting puzzle.  Each precision manufactured cedar timber has a specific purpose and place“. How would you comment on this innovative idea? [Photos: Trent Bell Photography & Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes]