If you’re looking to purchase a home to dream of, with astounding sea views in an exquisite location, villa Chameleon might just be it. The property is currently for sale and you can check every house-related detail on Mallorca Sotheby’s website. Located on one of the finest and spots in Palma de Mallorca, in the exclusive area of Son Vida (right on top of a hill), the property boasts a flawless glossy white interior, which can be nicely illuminated in different colours, depending on your mood. The fascinating interplay of the light effects has the ability to change the décor of your home in the blink of an eye. Colours can be programmed to highlight specific corners of the house. However, the name of the villa is more than suggestive. Bu with an interior that constantly changes, how could it be not?!

Large expanses of fine glass decorate the living space. An impeccable white interior opens to the lush garden and the rocky landscape. The views are simply spectacular and the house itself only complements the setting. Villa Chameleon is composed of three buildings. The main house comprises a spacious living room, library, TV room,  master bedroom with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen and a wine cellar whilst the second and the third are used for lounge and relaxation, serving as guest and pool houses. Aside from being very stylish, the house feels also very comfortable. On top of that, the property has its own helipad. Cool, isn’t it?! [Photo credit: Benjamin Antony Monn]