The DROP XL modules by Barcelona-based design studio In-tenta are part of the large emerging trend in the field of modular micro-architecture, suitable for being placed wherever the heart desires and the land permits. The aim of DROP modules is to meet the growing demand for Eco-tourism with customers that like traveling but don’t want to stay in common hotels and demand sustainable architecture mixed with quality design.

The new DROP XL models can be used as removable hotel rooms, cabins, pop-up pods for events, singular architectural elements and so on. The 30 sqm projects are off-site manufactured, and then road-transported to their final location by truck. Made from wood, steel and glass, each unit is aimed to have a minimum impact on the environment. As you can observe in the video below, the structure’s base is elevated from the ground, on adjustable steel legs, to minimize the contact with the soil and adapt to the irregular terrains. A notable feature of the design is the large bubble windows at the ends of the cylindrical tube. the modular units offer a solution for both environmentally conscious use and smart interior design. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Marta Gordillo and Manel Dur on behalf of In-tenta]

cabin DROP XL from In-tenta on Vimeo.