The Oslo-based architectural studio JVA designed a beach house that folds into the landscape, in accordance with the direction of the horizon. Located near the sea, the residence is partly hidden under ground allowing unobstructed sea views for the neighbours on the back side. Capturing the best panoramic views, the house offers a unique living experience. The lower part of the structure is dominated by stone serving as a support for the massive wood volume. Basically, the house has two natural layers, one made of stone and another made of wood. However, the clear level division lead to architects to dub the project Split House. 

Roof is covered with grass and can be also used as a terrace whilst large expanses of glass enable panoramic views to relax and inspire the inhabitants. Interior feels light and airy, opening up to the scenic landscape. The main entrance, located on the ground floor leads you to the social area which includes the living room, the dining area and the kitchen. Transparency and openness played a key role in developing this project. These elements enhanced the feeling of lightness and tranquility, providing an incredibly warm and bright home environment.