Nested in South East of London, the Green Studio is a creative home work space with a peculiar geometric exterior. Designed by Fraher Architects for the company’s own use, the project was delivered to a tight budget. The studio was strategically built to attract light inside and… boost the creative flow of the employees. Featuring an array of triangle-shaped roof windows, the warm atmospheric feel throughout the office space is strongly encouraged. 

The office occupies two levels. Instead of railings on sides, the staircase that links the floors features a web of red (parachute) cables strong enough to support a person’s weight. The idea of replacing the traditional railings with nets of cables resulted from the architect’s wish to keep the studio uncluttered and unitary, without elements that could visually divide the space. To save space, all furniture comes with extra (secret) drawers. Yes, even the staircase has them! Accompanying the multipurpose furnishings, eco-friendliness was also one of the main focus points when projecting this work space.“Carefully orientated high performance glazing combined with super insulation and a robust natural ventilation strategy means the building requires no heating or cooling. Hot water for the kitchen and shower are provided by a large solar array and thermal store.”