Located within the city of Lima, capital of Peru, the BK House was designed by Domenack Arquitectos for a family of five (parents and three children). Nested away from the eyes of the neighbours, at the back end of a plot, this two level house frames the surrounding views and encourages a dynamic and versatile living. The social area is very connected to the outdoors through large panels of glass which replace the walls and can be fully opened when needed. The house is well-lit and ventilated. Several patios, a lounge pool area and a beautiful garden serve as outdoor recreation spots for the residents.

“The house has been designed with a roof of structural laminated wood supported by steel and exposed concrete structures. This roof is the element that integrates the whole design and composition of the house. The steel structure that supports it also defines and moderates the scale of the different spaces of the house.” The dwelling comprises two floors, each with different functions. First floor houses the social area whilst the second floor accommodates the bedrooms and bathrooms. Both floors features terraces and visually connect to the gardens. [Photo credit: Juan Solano]