The Virgin Buildings (what an appropriate name) surprise a carefully imagined auto-sufficient world where nature and man-made comfort meet on a balanced life-sustaining platform. Since the balance seems to indicate that half of us humans live in cities, the next logical step in exploring possibilities is creating habitats where we rekindle our love for nature.

Virgin’s Perspective on a Greener Future

As long as we constantly upgrade our understanding of how we can responsibly use renewable resources, our respect for simplicity will grow even more. Introduced by Richard Branson as “the world’s greenest skyscrapers”, these residential wonders will be part of urban landscapes soon: “From a spaceship design in Sydney, to a plane design in London; from a balloon design in New York, to a kiteboard design in Cape Town; these extraordinary Virgin Buildings will positively change the landscape for the environment, architecture and cities around the world.”

Growing food in vertical gardens across the buildings, collecting and recycling 100 % of the tower’s water and displaying modular design imagined for a flexible interior and exterior, these promising living structures are much more than we imagined.

Play the video to get a glimpse into Virgin’s inspiring plans for the future. How do you feel about these ideas?