Wonderfully designed with soothing pastel colours, this compact interior was imagined by Int2 architecture in Moscow, Russia. There’s a lot to love in this 45 sq. m apartment: the playfulness, the smart storage solutions, the soft colours and the overall positive vibe exuded throughout the entire living area. Despite the limited amount of space, the loft feels roomy and well-ventilated. I love the white mixed with pops of pastel, the brick work, the crossword game in the bathroom, the cool kitchen and the balcony area! Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand, unveiling a home that is appealing like a candy floss in the eyes of a child.

The apartment is super cute and it feels like a magically protected haven. It comprises a living room, kitchen and sleeping area. The bed was placed strategically on a raised podium to visually divide the sleeping area from the living room and to offer extra space for storage underneath. The major problem with small flats is that you don’t get exactly enough space to deposit all your stuff. So, what did the team responsible with the project come up with? Transform the furniture into multipurpose items. On the balcony, seats are made ??from repainted army boxes and can be easily used for storage. Personally, I think that the pastel colours (pale pink, mint green, dusty yellow), enhance the feeling of warmth and tenderness, creating a fairytale-like home, ideal for a young lady.