Swedish designer Jangir Maddadi unveiled an elegant furniture duo, professionally marking the beginning of 2014 at Stockholm. The Captain Chair and Grace Collection exudes refinement and glorious simplicity.

Nature has a charming way of communicating. How would you interpret waves forming stone, or how trees reaches for the skies? In time, everything that surrounds us is formed and forever changed by it’s touch. Grace is the answer. Manufactured by Swedish Yacht-builders, solid teak meets a unique pattern carefully carved into the tabletop. Its geometrical, almost futuristic, legs reminds us of the never ending relationship between human and nature. The Grace collection comes in two tabletop sizes and two set of legs. The straight leg is adjustable in height.

The curved back and high armrests of the Captain Chair relieve shoulders and arms of any strain. Its wide seat makes it easy to find a comfortable position. Or five. Captain’s main body is composed of an antibacterial surface ABS plastic. Genuine leather upholstered version is available on request. The challenging design process was captured by the developers in the following statement: “It took us two years to create something so simple – yet fascinating – when all we had to do was to sit and feel. We created Captain for people that sits down all day, in all positions: meetings that never end, hotel lobbies and coffee shops with that perfect espresso“. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau ]