Presented to us by Zanocchi & Starke, a young design studio based in Turin (Italy), the Ludovica Lamp is perfect for those who love to read and maintain their books in order. When this original lighting unit holds your books, it emits a delicate and diffuse light; when extracted from its base, a beam of light follows you everywhere, helping with your reading process. Minimalist, yet versatile, the design is easy to integrate in modern homes everywhere.

The project consists of two independent parts: a painted aluminum frame and a removable luminous element in opaque white plastic. Ludovica uses LED lighting and has a battery with four hours of autonomy. It is powered by a USB cable, allowing the object to be transported without wires, a feature we highly appreciate. Easy to move around from place to place, this clever lamp will grant you memorable stories, read from the comfort of your favorite home spot. Find it as interesting as we do? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Zanocchi & Starke]