Miró Rivera Architects completed the Tree House, a residential project designed with natural materials (timber siding and stone). The house sited in Austin, Texas, is encircled by trees and lush vegetation. The landscaped garden and the trees  have a strong positive impact on the lifestyle of the residents, encouraging a balanced living, closer to nature. The feeling of dissolving boundaries between the environments (living and outdoor), is enhanced also through the “excessive” use of local, natural materials. Large panels of glass replace the regular walls, to fully enjoy the expansive views of the courtyard and garden. Moreover, floor-to-ceiling windows make a house look larger and warmer. And what a welcoming and soothing home environment this is!

” At the street front, the concave roof forms a low, unassuming façade that respects the scale of the neighborhood and provides privacy for bedrooms and studies. Simultaneously, the convex roof shared by the living, dining, and kitchen spaces opens the interior of the house to a canopy of oak trees and a small pool.”  The open space living room concept creates a feeling of lightness. The overall design looks modern but it keeps some of that childhood’s tree house aesthetic.