Encircled by a peaceful landscape, residence Itatiba is a contemporary clean-lined architectural composition, located near the grand city of Sao Paolo. The house was built by studio RoccoVidal P + W, harmonically blending modern features with a traditional alpine-inspired style. Envisioned as a safe, secluded weekend haven encompassed by large expanses of green, it’s the place where a family of three generations meets to enjoy the beautiful lake and landscaping. The picturesque surroundings inspire calmness, offering an alternative to the hectic urban lifestyle proposed by the big cities.

Natural materials, such as stone and wood, have been used in the construction. The house itself is defined by two volumes. The lower volume is entirely made of stone, serving also as support for the minimalist rectangular-shaped volume (made of concrete and wood), placed on top. The ground floor accommodates an open plan living room, the kitchen, dinning room and several terraces and outdoor spaces – a relaxed environment that has the power to influence mood in a positive way. The upper floor house the more private areas, the bedrooms. Interior  feels light, modern, comfortable and visually connected to the site.