American studio David Hsu Design, in collaboration with Elkamii, designed the Peliships floating shelves in an effort to rethink what modern shelving should be. In a world where we keep our belongings to a minimum, books and magazines are now available digitally, do we really need book cases or large shelving units? Peliships may be an answer for our nomadic lives. We all have a collection of our most treasured things. Perhaps it’s a little toy car from our boyhood years, or little travel books to remind us of our trips abroad. Using Peliships, we proudly display these objects to show to our family and friends who we are and where we have been.

Peliships’ form was inspired by boats and beaks of pelicans, hence its given name. It was designed to offer more style and uniqueness than other floating shelves. A closer look at the “hull”, grains from its solid wood construction provides a metaphoric parallel to water ripples and barnacles, which sometimes mesmerizes the craftsmen who hand makes each one. Currently available in Maple and Walnut, one can mix and match small, medium or large Peliships, sailing in either direction. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by David Hsu Design]