The interior of this minimalist residence with a brightly colourful exterior was reimagined by NatureHumaine. The intervention implied transforming a two storey duplex into a neat single unit home by adding an auxiliary 430 square feet space in the rear. Façade inspires playfulness (blending geometric green panels with yellow ones), yet it contrasts with the stark, clean-lined interior. A roomy social area, ideal for family reunions and a new master bedroom were both included into the new house plan. Most of the interior walls were painted white. Naturally, this enhances the spacious feel of the property and creates a brighter living space.

Wood also plays a key role in remodelling the new interior dynamic. It adds grace, elegance and last, but not least, warmth.“Work on the interior centred on exposing and highlighting the beauty of existing wooden structural walls and beams and supporting them with a more subtle pallet of materials. Natural daylight is brought into the core with a large skylight and glass floor placed at the centre of the house.” The overall design feels contemporary and cozy, despite the excessive use of sheer white.