Overlooking the Berkshire Hills and the beautiful lake located nearby, Berkshire Pond House is a wonderful weekend family home completed by architect David Jay Weiner in Becket, Massachusetts. The dwelling “was conceived as a folded volumetric sheet enclosure that wraps and folds into itself to form and define the major interior spaces, and tie the house with the landscape.”  Built strategically on a densely wooded sloping site, the property, a neat cantilevered house, challenges the inhabitants to explore visually the surroundings and spend peacefully their leisure time. The house’s design is both, sustainable and economical (in construction and maintenance). 

The use of recyclable materials was a priority when building the house. Green features aside from the materials, include also a cooling system, solar collectors to supplement the grid system and a closed loop geothermal heating system. The weekend retreat spreads over three levels, providing excellent separation of the space. The ground floor is mainly used for entertainment purposes. An adjacent terrace acts as an outdoor room for children. The first floor comprises the social rooms, including a kitchen, a dining/ living room. Top floor accommodates the master bedroom, children’s bedrooms and bathrooms.