House P is a coquette residence in Upper Austria, overlooking the Alps. The project was designed and completed by Frohring Ablinger Architekten to meet the expectations of the clients. They asked for a home with a clear distinction between general areas (accessible for guests) and private rooms. House features a minimalist design, exhaling freshness. The house’s location is pretty much inspiring, ideal for a family who seeks for a tranquil living. Looking all neat and tidy, the dwelling boasts three stacked “layers”, in accordance to the required functions (sleeping, living and leisure).

Secluded by the eyes of the public, the house feels very connected to the outdoors. Rooms have different orientation, bright and airy. “Each floor receives its own ideal orientation in accordance to his functions. This results in staggered parts, whose projections and recesses can be used as a protected outdoor spaces.” The adjacent three-sided borders terrace facilitates the access to the swimming pool. During evenings, one can simply relax and enjoy a good cup of tea near the open fireplace whilst admiring the spectacular sunset.