Germany is the proud owner of hundreds of hardware stores, DIY shops, in one word, a market overwhelmed with competitors, services, products and billboards, time for a change and a new approach. To survive in such a jungle, one always needs to find ways to distinguish itself and amidst the crowd of confusing advertising, to be original yet relevant. Largest chain in the country, OBI, chose to change the rules a bit and come with very clever and practical outdoor campaigns using the help of the creative minds at Jung Von Matt. It started with the question, “Why do people advertise products that are supposed to make our homes look nicer using adverts that make everything look uglier?”

Thus, standing clean and clear from messy fonts and layouts, the chosen campaign integrated renovated areas of old houses and buildings that are close to OBI stores, with a chosen billboard sized area for the restoration, including the “Renovated with OBI” message. Since the billboards are wonderfully minimalistic crafted, it is the location that brings unicity, hereafter the agency had to put a lot of effort into identifying the right ones  “The big challenge was the search for appropriate run-down houses,” Jung Von Matt/ Elbe’s Max Pilwat explains. “We were looking for different houses, facades and individual weaknesses to show what can be achieved with a huge variety of OBI products. Each billboard had to be planned separately, as different materials were needed for the renovation process.”