Check these gorgeous magnetic hangers reinterpreted by the creative German-Latvian duo Georg Dwalischwili and Janis Karklins of Flow Design! With a cutting edge design that helps you save space in your closet (up to six centimetres of vertical space), the invention dubbed Cliq is a sleek clothing hanger that eliminates the hook, replacing it with strong magnets. At a first look, the hanger simply look incomplete. But hey, keep in mind that most of the times, less does mean more!

Back to Cliq, once the magnet meets any metallic surface, it produces a “click”. When you hang the clothes, equal gaps between the hangers are created. Therefore, your garments will always appear organised! The magnetic hangers can hold up to two kilograms of weight, withstanding from simple t-shirts to suits, coats and sweaters. Cliq comes in packs of three and it can be acquired in natural birch, black or white. All hangers can be engraved or personalised, depending on preferences.