Bulevardi 1, previously home of a bank and insurance company, was completely remodelled by Saukkonen + Partners in Helsinki, Finland. The spacious apartment (2,368 square ft.) belongs now to a young couple with busy careers who asked for a modern home with a strong character. Basically, a living space to reflect their contemporary lifestyle. The biggest challenge during the renovation, according to the lead architect, was to remove the thick steel door of the bank. The process implied cutting it piece by piece. A hard exhausting work, we dare to add.   “We had to cut it up into small pieces so we could get it out. It was hard work. So big that we were considering letting it sit and use it actively in the interior design. But it would have a great look down the hall to the couple’s library, which is located in the former bank vault.”

Remodelling refers to creating a friendly, intimate space that feels modern without being too edgy or eccentric. The excessive use of neutral hues  though, as well as the mix of rich textures add personality to this place. Tones of white, grey and black dominate the entire space, creating a calming and soothing living environment. One of the most interesting elements of design is the impressive library, clad in hardwood.