French designer Paul Coudamy, designed this unconventional spiraling oak staircase in a private home is Paris, France. His concept, elegantly mixing functionality and aesthetics, connects the ground floor with the first floor in virtually any environment you can imagine such as houses, studios, stores or any other housing space available. The fan-shaped trades, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, represent the very core of it. Comprising both, elegance and simplicity, this stunning staircase is a sculptural work of art. We’ve seen many but honestly, few managed to catch our eye as this one did.

Naturally, the striking combination of materials: dark-coloured metal and oak (enhancing the organic appeal of the item), together with the original design complete the staircase’s elegant/ sophisticated appearance. The absence of handrails, the spiralling shape and the narrowness (at the top) transform it into an adrenaline source, outlining also its distinctive (unconventional) character. This is definitely one of those items that simply cannot passed unnoticed!