Wallpockets by Ampersand is a clever home project that draws attention instantly. Challenged by an ever-growing trend of having more stuff around the house, we are forced to think of creative ways to hide them (the irony) or display them in a visually pleasant manner. Ampersand came up with a fun solution: “Inspired by clusters of barnacles, Wallpockets create a textural kaleidoscope for an underutilized space. Their tabbed construction requires no hardware or adhesives and creates a pocket for your favorite things.”

These playful and unconventional storage units made from recycled corrugated cardboard can liven up any interior- the designers say they are able to “make happy homes in apartments, bedrooms, nurseries, craft rooms, studios, playrooms, and classrooms“. In the design and planning process, they can also enhance your chosen color scheme. Delivered in packs of two, Wallpockets are priced $19.95. Find them as visually captivating as we do?