Looking for a tranquil lifestyle, a family of two found a house to be demolished on a plot of land near lake IJsselmeer, Uitdam, the Netherlands. They decided to start fresh, therefore the owners of the plot invested some of their time, energy and resources to build a new dwelling, that fits unnoticeably into the neighbourhood’s architectural landscape. Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten, the team responsible with the project, after having a discussion with the family “in need of a home”, started planning and implementing.

A mix of contemporary and rustic features define the house. “Traditional roof tiles and the sparkling white of both the edges of the roof and the window frames underline the familiarity with the traditional architecture of the area.” It feels modern and comfortable on the inside (cleverly designed, the house is full of sustainable installations), yet it  looks unpretentious on the outside. Solid dark timber covers the façade. In contrast, a section of the house was painted with transparent white varnish. Ground floor accommodates a bright and airy social/ living area: comprising the kitchen, living room and dining area while the top floor accommodates the bedrooms.