Daniel Hasson designed this luxurious apartment in Tel Aviv, very close to the sea. Interior inspires calmness and sophistication. Envisioned as a continuous and unitary living space, the living/ social area opens to the sea. Walls have been replaced with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, allowing inhabitants to explore visually the infinite expanse of water. Decoration implied choosing a fine selection of Armani and Fendi Casa furniture, complemented by an interesting palette of colours, ranging from flawless white to beige, gold and black. The floors, a little bit glossy, add a sense of preciousness.

Details play a key role in creating this fabulous interior: rich textures, long curtains, the contrast of black and white, glossy ceilings – everything was wonderfully combined to obtain a décor defined by harmony. Bedrooms feature marble floors and royal-size beds. Translucent draperies allow the beams of sunlight to slowly sneak inside. Bathroom frames the perfect sea view. Just relax in the tub while enjoying a majestic view of a  sunset in the sea. Not many have the privilege to experience daily such a true wonder of nature!