Recently we’ve stumbled upon Flotanta House, a project designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture, in an exotic and exciting location, Puntarenas Canton, Costa Rica. The house elevated above the ground, on a series of piloti, gives the illusion of floating above the hillside. We were absolutely amazed by the powerful influence of nature on the house’s design: box-like pavilions made of natural materials, all connected between them. The maze of greenery encompassing it creates privacy and charges the inhabitants with energy, contributing to their wellbeing. Framed views of the ocean are accessible from almost everywhere in the house.

“We decided to allow the slope, the earth, the vegetation, water, and animals to flow underneath the house. This common sense solution allowed us to create a very delicate intervention, one that allows the terrain to breathe whilst providing spectacular views out towards the ocean from the key location on the site.” Circulation is made through exterior corridors, connecting all the living spaces between them. The massive use of wood links the environments, creating a dialogue between nature and home. Nevertheless, openness plays a key role in rendering a relaxing atmosphere.