Russian architect Andrey Bugaev from ArtEcoloy sent us photos of a small cottage he designed near Moscow, Russia. The 18 square meter dwelling is located on a hill and serves as a refuge for two adults and two children. People come to “The Ship” for the weekend in winter and the house stays empty for the rest of the week. On the arrival of visitors the fireplace is started and the temperature rises to 20°C (68°F) in half an hour.

According to the architect, The “Ship” is very small, having a total surface of only 18 square meters. However, it has everything that is necessary for convenient living. There is a bathroom with a shower cabin, a small and comfortable kitchen and plenty of storage space. A mezzanine located above the bathroom and entrance area is a true children’s playground. All the materials used to build this small cottage are completely organic and all the house was assembled directly on-site. Find it as cozy as we do? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by architect Andrey Bugaev]