Have a look at this charming house and artist’s studio envisioned by Carney Logan Burke Architects and located on a butte in Jackson, Wyoming, USA! According to the official description of the architects, Butte Residence overlooks the confluence of the Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers and commands panoramic views of the Teton Mountain Range and National Parks.

The residence is organized in a series of volumes, each ensuring a maximum connection with the outdoors: “Gently curving roof forms separately capture public and private functions within the residential program. Springing from and returning to the topography of the site, the roof profile mimics the soft shape of the butte and creates a series of protective canopies that provide shelter in the harsh western landscape”. A daring mix of materials and texture, enriched by vivid chromatic additions result in fresh and dynamic interiors. The open plan living and dining room stands out due to extensive use of glass and high ceilings. Elegance is naturally displayed through, inspiring waves of creativity.