The theme of this highly flexible apartment in Hong Kong by Clifton Leung Design Workshop is based on natural materials and shades. The living room projects a clean and minimal look, with a wall- mounted TV to further enhance space-saving. Instead of a conventional sofa, the two benches can be separated to offer flexible seating during friends’ visit. This arrangement fits Clifton’s flexible and functional ethos. The display of collections around the house reveals the apartment owner’s  love of travel. The feature wall cabinet shows his unique displays.  Some of the goodies are kept in the trunk.

The room in the center of the apartment is where the wife of the apartment owner plays the piano and works on craft projects. A plywood desk was built into the bay window to maximize the utilization of space. A central corridor running the length of the flat disappears when the doors of three adjoining rooms are slid shut.  By opening and closing the doors, one can change the mood and environment of the apartment completely. LED lighting is embedded into tracking that runs the length of the apartment. At night, when all other lights are switched off, the LED lights mimic the look of the lighting of a plane. Sliding doors throughout make the project extremely flexible- have a look! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Clifton Leung Design Workshop]