How can you live comfortably in a high density population area that benefits from the existence of large expanses of water? What might look like a challenge now is only a short way from becoming a creatively-driven solution for living in crowded areas. Master carpenter and freelance designer Sascha Akkermann and interior designer Flo Florian of Confused-Direction Design imagined a floating house that would encompass all the necessities of a modern home while offering an alternative to living on the ground.

A careful selection of building materials keeps the home floating and offers its contemporary aesthetic appeal. Floating on the Hunte River near the city of Oldenburg, in Germany, the modern 45 sqm water cabin teaches its owners how to live in nature and respect its power. Sascha Akkermann took into consideration the long tradition of living on water seen in different cultures: “It was important to me not to build a simple log cabin a on the water, but to create a valuable home balancing modern design and maritime flair.”

Known as the Houseboat, this ambitious project presents all the features needed for a unique living experience where warm natural light flushes inside to compose a bright and cheery atmosphere. Stylish details were matched with the simple interior design, creating a modern sophistication somehow enhanced by the elegance of the cat living there. This animal is a living example of how to relax and enjoy quiet moments in the sun. The odú rocker by Rosconi offers a comfy place to relax in style within this cluster of living spaces protected by insulated windows. A “Bullerjan” wood burning stove heats up the public spaces, reaching up to the upper floor mezzanine bedroom. What more could you need to live a simple, stylish and uncluttered life on water?