Park + Associates completed the design and development of a large family home in Singapore. The new dwelling was especially imagined to encourage social interaction and is programmatically separated into distinct zones for various activities. Berrima House is geometrically divided into two volumes, that flow seamlessly into the courtyard garden. They are united by a corridor on one end and an infinity pool perched on a slope on the other.

Here is more from the architects: “The conglomeration of internal and external living areas forms the communal space, while the second level is a private floor with one wing for the children and the other for the parents. Capitalizing on its partial setting on elevated ground, the living and dining rooms flank the rear half of the house, maximizing unobstructed views of greenery within and outside the site boundaries”. A series of intertwining corridors and bridges create original passageways from one room to another. With so many appealing natural inserts, children are inspired to spend more time playing outdoors than in their bedrooms. A wonderful approach, wouldn’t you agree? [Photography: Derek Swalwell]